Battle of the Banks Africa 2023


The best of the best were tested to the limit in this year’s competition. They competed against the market and against each other, stretching their bank management capabilities through simulations that draw upon real-time experiences faced by bank executives.

See who the winners were in the clash of Africa's banking giants, of this 8-week business simulation challenge!

The Battle of the Banks program transformed my approach to banking. The insights gained were priceless and have given me a competitive edge in my career."

About the 2023 competition

The 2023 Battle

In the dynamic world of banking, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As the industry evolves, so do the challenges. To succeed in today's competitive and ever-changing banking landscape, professionals need cutting-edge skills and insights.

Challenge Start Date: Wednesday 27 September 2023

Challenge End Date: Wednesday 22 November 2023

Activities: Weekly Challenges, Webinars, and Case Studies

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Battle of the Banks Africa 2023 

Key Learning Objectives

After having completed the Battle of the Banks gamified program, you will:
Have an understanding of the impact of changing economic conditions.
Have an enhanced understanding of the different activities that are typically performed by a full-services bank.
Have an enhanced understanding of the key decisions taken by the management team (Exco) in a bank through inter alia the ALCO process.
Have an overview of how different areas of the business interact to produce overall business and financial performance.
Have an enhanced understanding of the key risks faced by banks today.
Be more familiar with the different types of financial statements that reflect profitability as well as the key performance measures used in banking.
assemble your teams and enter

Who should participate?

The simulation program provides a powerful and engaging learning experience set in the context of the current banking environment. Participants develop skills and insights focusing on what it takes to manage a full-service bank successfully in today's competitive and volatile marketplace.

The program is ideally suited to the training people in the following roles:
Junior to mid-level management
Young bank executives who need to expand their overall understanding of the management of a bank.
Personnel from Finance, Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance who need to expand their understanding of the key activities and products in a bank
Non-banking professionals active in the financial services sector who need to be familiar with the complexities of management in financial institutions.
Battle of the Banks 2023

Bundle Includes

The Core Simulation PLUS each team member receives 2 FREE e-learning courses.
Here are the courses that are included in your bundle.

Core Course

Battle of the Banks Africa 2023

The program is unique, with the simulated environment and competition element encouraging Africa’s Young Bankers to get involved, and interact with their colleagues on how best to manage their bank.

Price: $2,750.00

55 lessons + 2x free E-learning Programs

20 hours of video content

4 simulator Assignments

Bonus eLearning Course

An Introduction to Asset and Liability Management

In banking industry, ALM practice is concerned with managing the two main strands of risks — that is interest rate risk and liquidity risk. This comprehensive workshop will give delegates a thorough understanding of managing interest rate and liquidity risk and exploring best practice in risk reporting, contingency planning and regulatory compliance.

Value: $399.00

45 lessons

3 hours of video content

Bonus eLearning Course

An Introduction to Basel II and III

This course provides a detailed overview of the history of the Basel Accords and how they evolved from 1998 to what became known as Basel II.

Value: $399.00

21 lessons

1.5 hours of video content