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Battle of the Banks Africa 2023

(8 x 3hr Sessions)

The Battle of the Banks Africa program is unique, with the simulated environment and competition encouraging Africa’s Young Bankers to get involved, and interact with their colleagues on how best to manage their bank.

The hugely successful 2023 competition has ended. Join our waiting list to be notified of when and where the next competition will run.


Course Summary

The Bank Management Simulation Program provides participants with a broad perspective on the business of banking. By taking on the role of the management team of a virtual bank for the duration of four financial quarters, participants of the Battle of the Banks (BOTB) become familiar with the products and the activities of a full-service bank.

Whilst interacting with the banking simulation that is close to reality, participants get to experience the impact that the economy, regulations as well as the competition have on the financial performance of a bank. Decisions are also made on the mitigation of some key risks facing banks today. The simulation program provides a powerful and engaging learning experience set in the context of the current banking environment. Participants develop skills and insights focusing on what it takes to manage a full-service bank successfully in today's competitive and volatile marketplace.

We love the Battle of the Banks Competition because it's all about empowering Banks and empowering people that work in Banks to think about the broader business and to think like business owners."

Sheha Shah, Managing Director, Global Head of Risk Managed Services | Refinitiv

Battle of the Banks Africa 2023 

Key Learning Objectives

After having completed the Battle of the Banks gamified program, you will:
Have an understanding of the impact of changing economic conditions.
Have an enhanced understanding of the different activities that are typically performed by a full-services bank.
Have an enhanced understanding of the key decisions taken by the management team (Exco) in a bank through inter alia the ALCO process.
Have an overview of how different areas of the business interact to produce overall business and financial performance.
Have an enhanced understanding of the key risks faced by banks today.
Be more familiar with the different types of financial statements that reflect profitability as well as the key performance measures used in banking.
Battle of the Banks Africa 2023


WEEK 1: THEORY | Financial Intermediation & Commercial Banks

  • Meet your instructors | Live webinar | 27 September 2023 | 09h00 - 12h00 CAT

  • Class assignments deadline 03 October

WEEK 2: THEORY | Liquidity and Credit Risk Management 

  • Live webinar | 04 October 2023 | 09h00 - 12h00 CAT

  • Class assignments deadline 10 October

WEEK 3: THEORY | Liquidity Risk and Credit Risk Management | Competition Trial Run

  • Simulation decision deadlines Q1 - 20 October; and Q2 - 24 October


  • Simulation decision deadlines Q1 - 20 October; and Q2 - 24 October

WEEK 5: COMPETITION | 25 October 2023

  • Simulation decision deadlines Q3 - 27 October; and Q4 - 31 October

WEEK 6: COMPETITION | 01 November 2023

  • Simulation decision deadline Q5 - 03 November; and Q6 - 07 November

WEEK 7: COMPETITION | 07 November 2023

  • Top 5 teams to prepare a 6-quarter financial report presentation to board members.

WEEK 8: COMPETITION | 15 November 2023

  • Board Presentations and final Shootout (2 quarters online and 2 quarters in person at a venue to be decided)




What’s included
One Team

Price includes 1 team of 4 members 


Two Teams

Price includes 2 teams of 4 members each


Three or More Teams

Should you wish to enter more than three or more teams, register here and we will contact you for pricing


Bonus Material

Receive 2 FREE e-learning courses when you register.

What’s included
An Introduction to Assets and Liabilities

This course explores the issues and challenges of Asset and Liability Management for bank risk managers, auditors, and regulators. It emphasizes practical advantages and disadvantages of risk measurement and management tools and techniques, using samples of best practice risk reports.


An Introduction to Basel II and III

This course provides a detailed overview of the history of the Basel Accords. It describes the regulatory tools that are available in Basel II and the risks that are covered and not covered, while also explaining the ICAAP and capital management.



Prizes and Awards

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First Prize

  • The winning institution receives a FREE team entry to Battle of the Banks 2024 (which is valued at $2750)

  • A floating trophy for the Institution being represented by the team.

  • Individual winners’ trophies.

  • Each member receives a coupon to the value of $2000 from ICAP Academy.

Second Prize

  • Team Entry into Battle of the Bank$ Africa.

  • Silver medals (2nd place) and Certificates

  • Each member receives a coupon to the value of $1000 from ICAP Academy.

Third Prize

  • Team Entry into Battle of the Bank$ Africa.

  • Bronze medal (3rd place) and Certificates 

  • Each member receives a coupon to the value of $500 from ICAP Academy.

Fourth Prize

  • 4th place medals and Certificates. 

  • Each member receives a coupon value of $250 from ICAP Academy

Other Prizes

  • Most Aggressive bank (Semi-Final)

  • Most Cautious Bank 

  • Best Bank Presentation (Final)

Meet your Instructors

Andrew Kinsey
Course Director

Andrew has over 25 years experience in financial markets all over the world. He was a trader and senior manager in the derivatives and cash-trading environment, and worked as a Derivatives Trader at Nedcor, Standard Bank and Corpcapital Bank, trading foreign exchange, fixed income and equity assets. He was head of the ABN AMRO South Africa Money Market and Foreign Exchange unit.

From 2008 to 2014 he was Head of Market and Trading Risk at the Purple Capital Group. This set the basis for the next period as he moved into risk management for hedge funds and in the online trading environment. This allowed him to build on his skills as a market trader to construct risk management systems, which illuminated granular market exposures as well as  a communication tool for business executives. At the same time he began to spen and increasing amount of time training and lecturing both graduates and experienced staff in market products and economics.

Theo van Wyk
Course Director

Theo started his career as an economist in both the public and banking sector from 1980, whereafter he specialised in the financial services industry in asset and liability risk management (ALM).

He was Group Economist for Saambou Bank between 1988 and 1991, He joined SPL Treasury Services between 1991 and 1995 as a consultant on ALM and treasury systems, servicing both retail and corporate banks, as well as business entities with specialised treasury operations, initially locally and later also in the rest of Africa.

Theo holds a B Comm (Law) degree from the University of Potchefstroom ( ow Northwest) and an honours degree in Economics (cum laude) also from Potchefstroom. He also completed a Wharton Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania.